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Oct 23, 2012 4:30am PDT
weather conditions. >>> in election 2012, president obama and mitt romney head back out on the campaign trail after their third and final debate last night. the two men sparred over foreign policy issues including u.s. policy in the middle east, trade policies with china and the challenge of iran's nuclear program. they disagreed on u.s. military spending with romney criticizing president obama's plan for defense budget cuts. >> we've got to strengthen our military long term. we don't know what the world is going to throw at us down the road. we make decisions today in a military that will confront challenges we can't imagine. >> our military spending has gone up every single year that i've been in office. we spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined, china, russia, france, the united nations, you name it. >> the candidates now head into a two-week sprint to election day. this morning president obama has a campaign event in florida before heading out to join vice president joe biden at a rally in ohio. mitt romney is campaigning with his running mate paul ryan in ne
Oct 22, 2012 4:30am PDT
be immediately followed by the fox mlb pregame show at 4:30. also tonight president obama and republican presidential nominee mitt romney square off in their third and final debate. foreign policy is the focus of the debate at lynn university. moderator bob show for will ask topics on the middle east. for most americans foreign policy comes down to one thing. >> they want to know the specifics. but they really want to know which of those two guys will keep me safe. >> president obama spent the weekend preparing for the debate at camp david. he heads to florida this morning. mitt romney more is already in florida. they head in with the latest poll showing them tied. now ktvu as we mentioned will air game seven of the national league championship series but you can also watch the presidential debate at 6:00 tonight on our sister station kicu tv 36 we will also stream the debate live on our website at you can have your computer on one, tv on the other. >>> today is the last day to register to vote for the november 6th election. your county registrar voter office has the
Oct 25, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >>> i was sort of getting the hang of it. >> president obama tells jay leno the reason he believes donald trump is out to get him. >>> good morning westbound highway 4 looking pretty good coming up to the path and we'll look at traffic and weather straight ahead. @p@po' [gentle acoustic guitar musi (male announcer) how far would you go to help someone? would you go to the end of your driveway? would you cross a street? would you cross an ocean? to a place 6,000 miles from home? and how long would you go? would you go for a week? a month? a year? would you go for two years? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone... and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself? life is calling. how far will you go? peace corps. . >>> lots of low clouds around and drizzle or very light rain it will give away partly sunny and partly sunny highs in the 60s. >>> hurricane sandy continues to move in the region. it cause dangerous flash floods.. police issued a curfew to keep people off the streets. >>> authorities in san mateo trying to dife a girl who's body was found on a b
Oct 24, 2012 4:30am PDT
president obama and mitt romney are crisscrossing the country making campaign appearances. today president obama is set to cover 5300 miles. the busiest single day of his reelection bid. president begins the day in washington, d.c.. flies to iowa, moves on to colorado, makes a quick stop in los angeles to tape an appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. wraps up the evening in las vegas and flies overnight to tampa, florida. mitt romney also has a full day ahead. the republican presidential nominee begins today at a raleigh in reno. he then travels to iowa for a campaign appearance in cedar rapids. in the eve nick he flies to since -- he evening he flies to cincinnati, ohio. >>> mitt romney's campaign is distancing rather the presidential nominee from a senate republican candidate in indiana. that is after a question about a woman's right to abortion if she is raped. >> i came to light that life is a gift from god. it is something that god intended to happen. >> richard murdock released the statement saying god creates life. mitt romney has appeared in tv ads endorsing mower
Oct 26, 2012 4:30am PDT
national guy graphic channel. the movie is backed by harvey weinstein supporter of president obama. they say they just wanted to get the movie on the air before another bigger budget movie about the raid hits theaters. >>> in a race for the white house president obama reaches out to younger voters today while mitt romney gives a speech focusing on the economy in an important swing state. president obama is back at the white house today. he has several media interviews scheduled. including a live interview with mtv. they will tell voters about the u.s. economy and he will move on to a campaign event in ohio with running mate paul ryan. >>> opponents of a soda tax have a strong financial advantage heading into the election. more than $2.4 million has been spent in recent months to defeat measure n. if the ballot measure passes richmond voters could become the first to oppose a penny per ounce tax that sells sodas and other sugary drinks. grudge city college trustees are expected to approve budget cuts to close a $15 million short fall and keep the school from losing its accreditation
Oct 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
presidential race. new this morning, president obama was scheduled to appear at a rally in orlando, fra, this morning, but just about 45 minutes ago, we got word from the white house that the president will not attend the orlando event and is, instead, returning to washington to oversee the government's emergency response to hurricane sandy. and mitt romney canceled campaign appearanceness virginia yesterday and events in new york -- i'm sorry, new hampshire tomorrow. today, romney is campaigning in ohio, iowa and wisconsin, both romney and obama campaigns say they will suspended their fundraising e-mails to voters on the east coast out of consideration for the storm's impact. >>> hurricane sandy, its impact already being felt on the u.s. financial markets. there will be no trading on the floors of the new york stock exchange or the nasdaq today no. electronic trading on those markets, either. they could remain closed tomorrow as well but that decision will be made later today. >>> people who live in treasure island can stop boiling their drinking water now. the tests show the water is
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6